Cannondale Bicycles

Pure thoroughbred racing machines. Our Elite line of road bikes is designed for maximum efficiency. With a focus on extreme light weight, balanced stiffness, aggressive positioning and Cannondale’s legendary pinpoint handling, our Elite range is engineered to get you to the finish line first.


From the beautiful effort of the Gran Fondos, to the cobbled chaos of the Northern Classics, to all-day-epic adventures of your own making, the all-new Synapse's balance of raw power and all-day ridability means that "endurance" is no longer code for "boring".

Fast never felt so good.

In triathlons and time trials, your only challenges are the wind, the road, and your will. With their innovative, wind-cheating designs, stable handling geometry and road-smoothing Aero SAVE features, our Slice and Slice RS bikes are engineered to maximize your advantages over the first two. The will is up to you.

Once simply a means for pro riders to keep their edge through the long, dark off-season, Cyclocross has grown into full fledged movement. From dedicated ‘cross racers who spend their entire year preparing for muddy battle, enthusiasts drawn to the camaraderie and energy of the sport, or simply people who recognize the versatility and fun these bikes offer, Cannondale has a ‘cross bike perfectly suited to your desires.

Unlike your crazy ex, OverMountain is proof that dual personalities can be a really good thing. Rather than using compromised middle-of-the-road geometry and travel for climbing and descending, OverMountain solves the up/down dilemma with solutions like the DYAD dual travel rear shock and Attitude Adjust Geometry, giving the rider two bikes in one. With OverMountain, you’ll ride more of the mountain, better than ever.

1990 was an important year. It was the year the Ultimate Warrior beat Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania IV and the year we built our first dual-suspension mountain bike.

24 years later, unlike the Hulk, we’ve only gotten better with age. The proof is in our incredibly refined Scalpel 29, our standard setting OverMountain bikes, and the ultra capable Rush 29.

Our F-Series Hardtails are the stuff of cross-country race legend. Whether you’re talking about the ultra-light, blisteringly fast BallisTec carbon models or the shockingly good SmartFormed Alloy versions, the F-series bikes get the racers’ hearts, well, racing...

For racers and beginner mountain bikers alike, the light weight, responsiveness, and value of a hardtail make it the weapon of choice. From top to bottom, we completely geek out on the tiniest details when creating our Trail hardtails and the proof is in how they ride.

Sleek, stylish and functional, these bikes are high-tech urban mobility.



Fitness, Function and Fun

Light, comfortable, friendly bikes for fitness, commuting and adventure.

It takes two to make thing go right. It takes two to make it out of sight.




With their ultra-light alloy frames, vibration-absorbing seatstays, lightweight components and race-inspired graphics, Cannondale Kid's bikes are engineered to pass something truly valuable onto the next the ride. Pass it on.

With their ultra-light alloy frames, vibration-absorbing seatstays, lightweight components and race-inspired graphics, Cannondale Kid's bikes are engineered to pass something truly valuable onto the next generation... love the ride. Pass it on.

Our Cannondale Women’s Elite lineup features our lightest frames with our most aggressive, race-ready geometry for the woman looking for pure speed, on or off the race course.

For 2014, the entire Synapse line has been completely re-designed, re-engineered and re-thought with one purpose in mind: to create the perfect partner for all your epic rides. With its SAVE PLUS micro-suspension system, feathery light weight and a riding position that encourages longer days in the saddle, our Synapse road bikes will encourage you to ride further, faster and more than ever before.

Winning isn't everything, but the Slice sure does love it. With lightweight, aerodynamics and incredible adjustability, the Slice can carry you to a World Championship win or your next personal record.

From the plush and responsive Lexi full suspension bikes to the light, fast and affordable Trail SL 29 and Trail hardtails, the Cannondale Women’s Mountain line-up is engineered to help you explore your limits, push your boundaries and have as much fun as possible from singletrack to rock garden and everywhere in between.

Explore more. Get fitter. Commute. Have fun. With its perfect blend of style and function, our women’s Recreation/Urban lineup challenges us to dream bigger and live more.